Time flies quickly on vacation, especially if you have lots of great meetings with great people planned. For the last 3 weeks, I have received, not even a sea, but a whole ocean of goodness, support and love, for which I am very grateful. Among them, I cannot fail to mention the messages from two of my former students from Gdynia, who made me very happy remembering religion lessons, which in my eyes seemed to be a complete disaster, and yet they brought someone to God. It is amazing how imperfect tools are used by the One who Himself is the Most Perfect!

Today I would like to share with you a song that has been a guide for me on new paths for the last six months. It was this song that prepared me for difficult decisions and to this day makes me face reality with great gratitude, without regret and frustration. It doesn’t say a word about Jesus, but that’s not a problem at all. The song is in Polish but you have the words below.

And it is breathtaking that there is something and not nothing.
When you wake up, it is still you
And it’s breathtaking that there’s someone next to you
And that there could be nothing … And there is everything …

I’m here all alone
Yet moments ago I was surrounded by a crowd
Lying down, surrounded by four walls
Feeling as if I’m drowning on the inside
The grey ceiling just won’t collapse
My body will not pick me up
But you’re just like me
In that you only want more and more…
Want more and more…

And it takes your breath away, that there’s anything at all
When you wake up, that you’re still yourself
And it takes your breath away,
that there’s somebody next to you
And that there could’ve been nothing…
Yet there’s everything…

Yet there’s everything… There’s everything…

You’re here all alone
You simply exist
No one’s waiting for your sign
No one sees you stumbling
There’s no fanfares, no golden gates
No colourful light, no warmth of the crowd
Beauty can be found
Even in quiet serenity

And since the greyness isn’t thrilling
How many colours do you need?
And although the sun has gone down yesterday
It doesn’t mean it’ll rise back up


There is something amazing about the fact, that there is nothing that will always be ours,  that we will never lose. There really could be nothing! When a person realises this, he will cross a very important line in life, which runs relentlessly between complaining about the lack of something and gratitude for the resource. It is absolutely essential.

The next step goes further and makes us not only see what we have and focus less on what is not there, but also notice that it is really all we need. God has not lost control over our reality, He cares in detail that ultimately what happens to us leads us to holiness. The thought of having everything we need just here and now is very liberating!

But there are two other wisdoms to this chorus. No matter how much the foundations of our lives shake, no matter what happened, what died, what was born, what was lost and what was found … we still are ourselves. To the depths of our being, to the centre of our spirit and soul. Nothing can change it, even if external circumstances try to prove the opposite. And with the same certainty, there is always Someone next to us – the One with a capital S; The one who calls himself “I am”. The awareness of His presence is truly breathtaking, it opens the heart and eyes, ensures safety, but also an incredibly crazy adventure. It is thanks to Him that where others see nothing, we can see EVERYTHING.